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For those of you who visit this site without knowing what Kamana is: it is a home study course in Naturalist Training, written by Jon Young, founder of Wilderness Awareness School (WAS). Up until the Fall of 2022, Kamana (and Student Services) were available at WAS, but this is no longer the case. See here for more information.
Instead, the initiative is now back in Jon's hands; see the site of LivingConnection1st for the current status of Kamana.

Kamana Europe is dedicated to supporting European Kamana students. The Kamana program is written in such a way that you can develop your skills as a naturalist, no matter where you live! However, since it was originally written with the North American student in mind, students in other parts of the world will most likely encounter translation problems at one level or another. This site intends to support European Kamana students on their journey!

Please note:
- Questions that do not arise from the differences between the European and North American backgrounds should be addressed to LivingConnection1st.
- Instead of putting lots of energy in this site, we prefer to just make it efficient and helpful (and spend our time on growing as a Naturalist :-)